About Us

Always a bit further

We are a business specialized in international transport, customs and international documentation. We have more than 15 years of experience working for multinational companies, factories, large distributors, wineries, wind and solar industries, traders and market openers. We work with top suppliers such as Maersk Line, MSC, and CMA-CGM, among others, in order to provide the best international logistics services. We always go further, by showing a young, feisty spirit in constant renewal, which allowed us to help our customers succeed in their export and import negotiations. We deal with your merchandise as if it was our own.

We have learned well that providing an excellent service is what we have promised to our clients

Today’s business world is in need of deeper collaboration, enabling the companies to reach agreements and make decisions. On the other hand, businesses, economy and markets move forward towards globalization. Negotiating is an exciting activity, but counting with a good partner providing logistics support, you will be empowered to do better and be successful. We pride ourselves on our customers’ trust and our commitment to meet their goals.

Seriousness guides every decision we make

Our specialists from the international operation centers manage all aspects of your cargo. Every operation detail is expertly planned and checked as you could expect, and then checked again. Ever since we transport goods anywhere around the world, year after year, we never stopped performing security checks applied rigorously. From the very moment that the goods are collected from your storage, they are protected as required by the international regulations. We apply basic protocols on a daily basis. This is the main reason why we obtained our AEO certificate for international customs, the international certificate provided for the international forwarding. We achieved this ourselves, with no outsourcing or consultants, which makes us a unique company in the world. This accomplishment can be attributed to our worker’s capability to learn and their strive to do the best for the security of your cargo.