International maritime transport

  • Maritime import and export
  • Maritime containers 20′ DV / 40′ DV
  • Maritime transport of special equipment
  • Maritime shipment Ro-Ro, Roll On, Cellar
  • Maritime import from China and India
  • Maritime export to northern Europe
  • Export to Central America and South America
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International terrestrial transport

  • Terrestrial groupage, weekly departures
  • Cloth-covered truck, weekly departures
  • Terrestrial groupage Italy
  • Scandinavian countries groupage, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • NEW SERVICE: Terrestrial groupage Benelux – Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

Air transport

  • Export air transport
  • Import air transport
  • From and towards every airport
  • International customs and IATA cargo agents
  • Shipments from Madrid-Barajas
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RO-RO maritime transport, special rolling and projects

  • RO-RO maritime transport, rolling
  • Vessel cellar transport
  • Conventional maritime transport
  • On-deck transport
  • Maritime machinery transport
  • Special maritime transport

Customs and optimization of international processes


  • Management of export-import offices
  • Physical assistance at all ASWPs
  • Optimization of international logistics
  • Internationalization consultancy
  • Creation of own exportation departments
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