When groupage with international shipping by boat is hired, the most important things to be known by the loader are the gross weight and volume of the goods.

This information is what will fully describe the price of the international transport groupage. Therefore it needs to be known exactly in advance. 

The importance of international maritime groupage in the global commerce

Currently this term is used worldwide to designate neutral maritime operators consolidation. So it is a very important agent in international maritime transport in groupage. In fact, as an intermediary in the maritime transport sector, one of its basic functions is to consolidate loads, what we understand as groupage, as an imperative to get the maximum return on regular routes. Along with this task, the NVOCC is also responsible for processing or responsibility for shipments, among other functions.

Groupage in Grupalia

In Grupalia, as freight forwarder and logistics provider for air and sea shipments, we offer international gateway service-port or port-port groupage. optionally include the collection at source for exports from Spain and delivery for imports from any country and Spain. We have agreements with major shipping companies, so we can offer regular departures to many destinations worldwide. Also, our services extend to customs management and the insurance of transport. If you need budget for international groupage maritime transport, call us at (+34) 968 160 599 and we will provide budget without commitment.