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International Shipping - Container Ship

In order to handle the unloading of such vessels, special cranes capable of 50 tons. 50 m. range are needed in ports (there are very few cranes like those in the world).

Its design consists in a single cover and a cargo bay, with the feature adaptation of cells to be made for the arrangement of containers. This is one of the groups of larger vessels. The largest reach 350 meters long with a capacity for almost 9,000 containers, but have not yet completed their growth in size, for studies have been published to 18,000 container units capability.
This spectacular growth in size has been made possible by advances in building powerful engines that have enabled these vessels reach speeds of 23 knots, 90,000 horsepower and 250 Tm. daily fuel consumption.
Not every ship you see with containers belong to this rating, since containers are the preferred cargo for most of these multipurpose ships.